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The History of Salem United Methodist Church, Zionsville, PA

 – Volume 2 –

1984 – 2004


On September 16, 1984, to celebrate the 155th anniversary of Salem’s evangelistic beginning, members of the congregation performed a short skit of what it might have been like on that first Sunday worshipping in the barn of David Schubert entitled “Our Beginning, How It May Have Been”. 


Jack Kline     Joel Leh    Kerwin Leh   Ray Mohr    Travis Flexer   Clara Mohr

                                             Diane Kline

Jenny Arndt    Emery Flexer          Sarah Arndt           Thomas Arndt















The following is the text of the play taken from one of the original scripts that was used:


Date: September 13, 1829


Scene: David Schubert’s Barn



David Schubert – A Church Founder – Ray Mohr

Susanna Schubert – David’s Wife – Diane Stauffer

William W. Orwig – Evangelical Preacher – Kerwin Leh

Charles Hammer – Evangelical Preacher – Joel Leh

Christopher Schubert – A Church Founder, David’s Brother – Jack Kline

Sabina Schubert – Christopher’s Wife – Clara Mohr

Others: George Yeakel & Wife-Travis Flexer, Diane Kline

Children – Emery Flexer, Jenny Arndt, Sarah Arndt, Thomas Arndt


Four other parts are listed on the script, but they are not included in the cast listing.  Those are Peter Weist and his wife and Melchior Yeakel and his wife.  The script goes as follows:


(David Schubert greets Rev. Orwig and Rev. Hammer.)

David Schubert:  Ah… William and Charles, I am so happy to see you.  I trust your journey was safe and enjoyable.

Rev. Hammer:  Yes, it was.  We have been looking forward to coming to Milford.  From everything we have heard, there is a great opportunity and need to bring God’s word here, even considering the past harassment.

David Schubert:  It looks like someone else is coming.  Yes…It’s my brother Christopher.

(Enter Christopher and Sabina Schubert.)

Christopher S:  Hello, David.  How are you?

David Schubert:  Greetings, Christopher and Sabina.  I am so pleased you choose to come.  I am not sure how many others will come; many have been frightened by the stories of past violence.  Many simply do not wish to offend their Schwenfelder friends and neighbors.  I’d like you to meet William Orwig and Charles Hammer. 

(Christopher and Sabina move towards William and Charles)

(Others enter – small talk)

(Enter Susanna Schubert)

Susanna Schubert:  (Angrily to David)  I warned you David!  I won’t have this Evangelical preaching in our home.  What will our neighbors say?  You endanger our children, yourself, all these people.  You know what’s happened before.

David Schubert:  Susanna, these preachers are good men; they bring only God’s word, they do not threaten Schwenkfelders.  They seek only to lead us to salvation.

(Susanna turns to William and Charles)

Susanna Schubert:  I want you to leave right now!  You’ll only bring trouble to us.

Rev. Orwig:   I am sorry Susanna, we cannot do that.  We are committed to do God’s bidding.  There may be danger and difficulty, but the Lord will protect us and enrich our spirits through these trials.

Susanna Schubert:  I don’t want your words, I want you to be gone and never come back!  If you don’t leave now, I’ll pour boiling water on you!  I’m going to get it right now!

David Schubert:  Susanna, please….

(Susanna stomps off toward the house.)

David Schubert:  Unfortunately, Susanna’s fear and anger cloud her thinking.

Rev. Orwig:  We understand, this is not the first time we have faced such threats.  Shall we begin?

(David nods, Rev. Orwig climbs on chopping block.)

Rev. Orwig:  We have come today to bring God’s ministry, in the fashion that Jacob Albright and others began…..

Child:  Mommy, what’s going on here?

(Everyone’s talking, mumbling, making noise)

Rev. Orwig:  (Loudly)  Brothers and sisters……This is not a farm sale or a community get together!  Today this barn serves as God’s House.  Let’s behave accordingly.

(Everyone quiets, men remove their hats.)

Rev. Orwig:  That’s far better.  To put us in the proper spirit, let’s sing that familiar chorus………(song)

Rev. Hammer:  Shall we kneel for prayer.  Our father in Heaven, be with us this day….




A handmade banner with the name of the church on the United Methodist cross and flame symbol was presented to the church by the historians, Merle Leh and Beulah Miller.  Rev. Robert Stauffer, with his wife Faye, accepted the banner on behave of the church.



                                                                Merle Leh   Rev Robert & Faye Stauffer       Beulah Miller



A large display of memorabilia of former years Sunday school gifts adorned tables in and around the historical horse shed.  The church had attendance at full capacity for the worship service and the viewing of the memorabilia display was well attended and appreciated.


                                                                                                            Myrtle Miller

                                                                                                Pauline Fritz

                                                                                    Jack Fritz


In 1972, the Zionsville Ministerium was formed to unite the efforts of four churches in the Zionsville area, (Old Zionsville UCC, Salem United Methodist Church, Upper Milford Mennonite Church and Zion’s Evangelical Lutheran Church), to provide the Zionsville community with Lenten Services and Vacation Bible School open to all in the community.  This united effort once again took place during Lent in 1985.


In March of 1985, a service for the dedication of Hymn Books “Hymns for the Family of God” were presented to the honor and glory of God by Bessie Spencer in memory of her husband Ernest Spencer.


In April 1985, the congregation was told there was need for Salem   to   provide   caretakers   of   the   Grace   Cemetery  on  Kraussdale Road and the Bethesda Cemetery on Kutztown Road, which now became our responsibility after East Greenville Grace Church merged with Salem.  The Bethesda Church had been sold and proceeds were given to Grace Church, so the caretaker job came with the merger.  Members from East Greenville Grace Church had been faithfully taking care of both cemeteries up until that date, but due to health circumstances, etc. the responsibility was now being passed to Salem’s members.  Since then, members of our congregation have maintained these cemeteries.


June 1985 was a most memorable month for Salem United Methodist Church as our pastor, Rev Robert Stauffer was retiring, and we had lots of work to do.  The Sunday School picnic was scheduled for the 15th at Milford Park which included a surprise Retirement Dinner in the dining hall.


Beulah Miller, Merle Leh, Cecelia Shelly, Ellen Kehs, Alice Arndt, Vera Lagler

Marion Houseknecht, Helen Leister, Grace Leister, Carrie Schultz, Kathryn Mack


A “This Is Your Life Quilt” was handmade as a labor of love by the women of the church and presented to Rev. Stauffer and his wife Faye.  They, along with their family members excitedly viewed block after block in unbelief and wonder as each block depicted a major phase of their life.  The Stauffers were surprised that the women were able to secure all this information without their knowledge.  Rev. Susan Hassinger, who was District Superintendent at the time, was a special guest for the occasion.



On Father’s Day, June 16, 1985, a service of dedication of the new Baptismal Font which was presented to Salem by the friends and family of Ruth Mack in memory of Ralph Mack, Jr.  The dedication was immediately followed by the Sacrament of Holy Baptism of the Butler children, Brittany, Meagan and Andrew.


On June 23rd, Rev. Robert E. Stauffer opted to retire from the pastorate of Salem United Methodist Church.  His message was “In Remembrance”.  His theme was “Remember only what you do for Christ and His church will last.”  A retirement celebration was held on the church lawn as a tribute to the years that Rev. Stauffer and his wife Faye had given in dedicated Christian Service.


A hymn “We Love Our Pastor and His Wife” by Dean H. Sauerwine, (to the tune of the Notre Dame Victory March) was sung in recognition of the ministry of Rev Stauffer and his wife.



The hymn goes as follows:


We Love Our Pastor and His Wife

(Written for all retirees who faithfully served their Lord and His church)

Lyrics: Dean H Sauerwine                   Tune: Notre Dame Victory March


We Love our pastor and his wife

Thanks be to them for God’s word of life,

They were tru-ly gifts from God.

Now we sing our prais-es a-loud

What though they bid us fond good-bye

They taught us clear-ly on God re-ly

Up to Heav-en goes our prais-es

On-wards to God on high.


Thanks! Thanks for their loy-al-ty,

They gave their ser-vice for you and me.

Sing our mes-sage load and clear,

Pour out the song “We Hold Them Dear”.

What though they leave us for a time,

And though our hearts con-tin-ue to pine,

We know we’ll see them once a-gain,

Liv-ing with God on high.


Rev. William Chrin, a student at Moravian Theological Semi-nary, was appointed by Annual Conference to replace Rev. Stauffer. On June 30th, he began his ministry at Salem along with his wife Christine and their sons, Kenneth and Greg.  All were welcomed and Christine got to work and in a short time our first church directory was printed to help get acquainted with all the folks and get to know their names, addresses and phone numbers. 


Salem participated in the Zionsville Area Vacation Bible School for the purpose of telling the children about the grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ, with the hope that they could experience it for themselves.


Christa Leh, our teen missionary, left our house of worship to minister unto and teach the children of Alaska to recognize and acknowledge the blessings of God’s love and grace that they receive daily.  She showed them how they can receive guidance and strength to witness in Jesus’ name.


On October 12, 1986, the Junior Class of 1976, now fine young men and women, assembled after the worship service for a rededication of the pin oak tree that they had planted a decade earlier in celebration of our country’s Bicentennial.  With pride we looked back and reminisced on the values we share and cherish, values that are the foundation for our freedoms and our religious heritage.  In the family, we learn our first lessons of God and man, love and discipline, compassion and responsibilities.  It is essential not to take these things for granted, as they are so vital to the strength of our nation and our faith.  The branches of this tree signify faith, hope and charity.


               Blaine Flexer  Terry Fritz                Diane Kline

  Rev. Fake      Brian Fake        Michelle Kline Beulah

Linwood Kline    Christa Leh    Miller


In January of 1987, a storage cabinet was dedicated in memory of Hilda and Frank (Jack) Zacharda, for use in the children’s Sunday School classroom where Hilda was a steadfast teacher for many years.  The storage cabinet was built by Gerald Miller and presented to Salem United Methodist Church by the Zacharda family and friends.


On January 25, 1987, Beulah Miller as she retired from teaching was presented a book “Wings of Silver” signed by her students and fellow teachers and a plaque, “In appreciation for 25 years  of teaching, for the love and service you have given us.” by the Sunday School.  A small reception was held.


Diane Kline                      Kathy Richard

                                 Jackie Lindenmuth

Christa Leh                    Beulah Miller             Lucille Ackerman


Later in 1987, the TV and VCR cabinet was presented by the Shoemaker and Spaar families in memory of Margaret Evans (mother of Betty Shoemaker) and Richard Wessner (brother of Elizabeth Spaar)


April 1987, Salem United Methodist Church celebrated the 60th year of presenting the Gospel at Milford Park and we must pause to ”Give God the Glory”.  We believe there are a great number of souls who have found Christ there, This is our first and foremost goal.


In May of 1987, Rev. William Chrin, our student pastor, grad-uated from Moravian Theological Seminary.  His graduation was held at the Central Moravian Church in Bethlehem.  A time of fellowship was held at the parsonage in East Greenville, following the graduation.




On June 28, 1987, Salem had a special service to mark the beginning of a full time pastor starting July 1st (on a six month trial).  The church was fortunate in that our full time pastor had been here the previous two years while he completed his studies at Moravian Theological Seminary.  That gave us the opportunity to know Rev. Chrin and his family. 


Concerns for the future of Salem United Methodist Church arose and a questionnaire was sent to the congregation to see what they would like to see happen at Salem


In October 1987, historians, Merle Leh and Beulah Miller attended a workshop at Asbury United Methodist Church to procure helpful guidelines to secure local church history.


In May 1988, in a generous act of kindness, Richard Mack and his son installed the current entrance pavement on which they inscribed a cross as a permanent reminder of why the church is here.


Also in 1988, the beautiful lights were installed in the church vestibule, anonymously donated in an act of kindness and the History Committee began collecting Historical and membership information.


July 1, 1989, Rev. Roger S. Joseph was appointed to Salem United Methodist Church, replacing Rev. Chrin.  In September, he introduced 2nd mile giving – to remember to give only coins as a reminder of Mark 12:41-44, the story of the widow’s mite.  (16 pennies = one foot in length, 5280 feet or one mile of pennies is $844.80.)



September 17, 1989, tour guides of the congregation gave a tour in memory and verse of historical shrines of the former Evangelical, United Brethren, Evangelical United Brethren and Methodist Episcopal Churches with Faye Stauffer as Captain.


Salem United Methodist Church was featured as the “Church of the Week” in the Emmaus Free Press. 


October of 1989, the “Passing of the Peace” was added to the worship service.


October 14, 1990, Christa Leh Scheetz, gave a presentation on her missionary work in Alaska. Also during 1989, a copier and the Memorial Plaque placed in the church were presented by Kenneth A. Miller in loving memory of his wife Berniece Miller.


In June of 1990, our pastor, Rev. Roger S. Joseph entered into the  “Joy of the Lord”  as a good and faithful servant.   A Service  of Celebration of his life was held at Wesley United Methodist Church, Center Street, Bethlehem, PA. 



Supply pastors filled the pulpit until our new pastor, Rev. Louise Thatcher, was assigned.



Rev. Louise Thatcher



September 28, 1991, members of Salem took a bus trip to Baltimore Maryland, to visit Lovely Lane Church, which claims to be the mother church of American Methodism.



December 15, 1991, a replica of the historic horse shed, made by Robert Schultz, was presented to Salem United Methodist Church for an historic display



On March 2, 1992, the Historical Commission of the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church met at the church and the meeting was followed by a presentation on the history of Salem United Methodist Church by historians Merle Leh and Beulah Miller.



May 1992 Ruth Mack, Aurel and Alice Arndt, Diane Simmons and Beulah Miller attended “Grow Program”, an important evangelistic emphasis on growth in members, in the congregation and in spiritual awareness, held at Pine Brook College in Coopersburg, PA.


On June 28, 1992, Rev. Louise Thatcher retired.  Some necessary parsonage repairs were done before we welcomed our new pastor, Evelyn Stupp and her husband “Butch” to Salem on July 19, 1992.





“Butch” and Rev. Evelyn Stupp


Reflections of our history were presented on Heritage Day, September 19, 1993.  Descendants of the Schubert family were honored for the beautiful stained glass windows that were presented to Salem United Methodist Church 60 years ago in memory of their family members.



Elaine and Gerald Miller, Marion Miller and Otto Miller


On November 14, 1993, the illuminated outdoor church sign was dedicated.  Otto and Beulah Miller presented this sign to the Glory of God in loving memory of their parents, William S. and Clara W. Miller and Joseph W. and Elsie M. Batman, dedicated to be an instrument of God’s light and gracious work in the world. 


In the fall of 1993, limited edition Christmas Balls with Salem United Methodist Church, Powder Valley printed on them were bought as a fund raiser.  On December 26, 1993, we welcomed “a son of the congregation” Lt. Col. Larry Mack, army chaplain, to speak in our pulpit.  His wife Joan was also with us.


In the fall of 1993, it was announced that there would be a new redistricting of the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church.  The announcement was as follows:




June 5, 1994, a sign was placed on the outside wall of Salem United Methodist Church.  It was dedicated to the Glory of Jesus Christ, who is God’s sign of love to the world, presented by David and Barbara Heist in Loving Memory of their parents, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Heist and Mr. & Mrs. Elton Miller.


Also in 1994, a donation in honor of Beulah Miller was made to Salem United Methodist Church by the Heritage Garden Club.  The donation was used for shrubbery planted around the illuminated sign donated by the Miller family in 1993.


Donald Blackmore by Sanctuary Doors




The interior double doors to the sanctuary were replaced in 1996 and presented to the honor and glory of God in loving memory of Doris R. Blackmore by her husband Donald J. Blackmore.  The inscription on each door read “Remembering Doris R. Blackmore 1919-1995.  In 2002, Donald’s sister, Alyce, requested that half the plaques be replaced with “Remembering Don Blackmore 1915-1999’.  This change was made


Over several years, during the 1990’s, a building committee  was formed and worked with an architect/contractor to develop a proposal to add a building adjacent and behind the existing church building that would include a much needed Fellowship Hall and expanded kitchen facilities.  The proposed addition was defeated by one vote and all efforts to continue the building project were dropped


In July 1996, Rev. Evelyn Stupp left and Rev Stauffer as well as several supply pastors filled the pulpit until Scott A. Donaldson was assigned in February of 1997.  


In 1996 several special offerings were taken.  In July a contribution was made to aide churches that had arson damage due to racial hatred and revenge.  In December a special offering was taken for Danielsville United Methodist Church because they had lost their roof during a tornado in November


On September 22, 1996, Rev. Larry Leister, Superintendent of the Otterbein District and one of our members who answered the call to ministry, returned to Salem to present the message in our Sunday morning worship service.  All former pastors, families and friends were honored for their presentation of the beautiful stained glass windows in honor of Rev. Seneca Breyfogel, Rev. W. A. Leopold, Rev. Joseph Specht and Rev. J. H. Willauer.  Also honored were ministers who had served Salem/Milford and were now interred in our adjoining cemetery.  Rev. John Schell, Rev. Noble L. Bechtel, Rev. C. Calvin Hoffman and Rev. Charles Horner


Rev. Scott A. Donaldson became our pastor on February 2, 1997 and served us until the end of June. 


On February 23, 1997, Salem United Methodist Church voted to sell its parsonage.



At Annual Conference Rev. Henry L. Burden was assigned to Salem United Methodist Church and started at Salem in July 1997. 




Rev. Scott Donaldson           Rev. Henry Burden



In May of 1999, a class of five youth, Jessica Miller, Stacy Simmons, Marshall Pysher, Christa Burden and Casey Pysher were confirmed as members of Salem United Methodist Church.


In January 2000, Rev. Keith Bashore was assigned to Salem United Methodist Church as interim pastor until June as Rev. Henry Burden had a heart attack and subsequent surgery and was unable to continue at Salem.


Rev. Bashore spoke at the men’s annual breakfast on Palm Sunday and he asked a local pastor friend, Rev. Sharon Feuerstein, who had carpooled with him to local pastors school, to speak to the ladies for their annual breakfast two weeks later.  Unbeknownst to either of them, God was using this as an opportunity to introduce the women of Salem to their next pastor.



At annual Conference, Rev Sharon Feuerstein, (Pastor Sherry), a student at Moravian Theological Seminary, was assigned as part time pastor to Salem United Methodist Church along with Rev. James Brashear and Rev. Ralph Stevenson, both from Bethany United Methodist Church.  As a result of sharing two of Bethany’s pastors, the Sunday Worship time was changed to 9:15 AM and Sunday School was set at 10:30 AM on Sunday mornings.


Rev. Ralph Stevenson, Rev. James Brashear, Rev. Sharon Feuerstein


In September 2000, a weekly evening bible study began, starting with the book of Revelation. 


Reorganization of the Youth Fellowship and God’s Kids Club was started by Diane Kick and Rev. Sharon Feuerstein.  This provided a time of Christian fellowship for the younger school age children of the church as well as the teenagers.


On November 19, 2000, the bulletin was done on the computer for the first time.  By the end February 2001, all bulletins were being generated using the computer.


In December 2000, in addition to the annual Children’s Christmas Program and Candle-lighting Service on the third Sunday of Advent, a Candle-lighting Service was added on Christmas Eve.


Andrew Reitenauer was sent by the church for two successive summers, 2001 and 2002, as a teacher to participate in “Project Transformation”, a United Methodist Mission project to help inner city Hispanic and low income children in the Dallas-Fort Worth area benefit from organized activities during the free time of the summer months.  The church held a soda and bake sale to raise funds for the purchase of Spanish language Bibles for the children. 


In the fall of 2001, Rev. Feuerstein started weekday evening small group studies.  The first was a parenting class “How to Make Children Mind without Losing Yours”.  It was a combined video and class discussion.


On Sunday, September 30, 2001 there was a congregational vote taken to authorize the building committee to investigate expansion of the church facilities to facilitate expansion of the church’s mission to its members and to the community.


In January 2002, Rev. Feuerstein was made senior pastor of Salem United Methodist Church.  After a congregational vote, beginning in February 2002, the time of Sunday School returned to 9:15 AM and Sunday Worship to 10:30 AM.


At their annual breakfast on Palm Sunday Morning, 2002, the men of the church were honored to welcome Frank Ginther, a former member of the USS Pueblo, who was held as a POW by the North Koreans and who is now the manager of radio station WJCS, 89.3 FM, a Christian radio station in Allentown.  He told how his faith and particularly memorization of Bible verses, had helped him survive the ordeal. Once he and his wife realized that whenever they quoted Bible verses in their correspondence that the North Koreans were reading them and cutting them out, they put as many in each letter as they could so that his Communist captors would be reading the Bible as they censored his mail.


On Holy Thursday 2002, the Holy Thursday Worship Service was done as a Passover Seder Meal so that parishioners could experience what it would have been like participating in the Last Supper.  Rev. Feuerstein served foods that would have been served in Jesus time at the Passover Seder.  The meaning of each part of the Seder was explained as the Seder progressed.


Later, in June, Frank Ginther returned to Salem United Methodist Church for Children’s Day, as “Humbles the Clown”.  Using a combination of riddles, jokes and illusions, Humbles witnessed to the children and adults about how it is necessary to have a loving relationship with God and Christ as your Savior.


The Miller family constructed and installed pew card racks in the pews and they were dedicated on July 21, 2002 in loving memory to Otto Miller, given by Beulah Miller and family.


In 2002, a Praise and Worship time was added to the beginning of the Sunday Worship Service.  Shortly after starting, we were privileged to have Ken Miller play drums during this time as well as be part of our Praise and Worship Team until he moved away the following year.


One of his favorite students with Andrew Reitenauer



Again Andrew Reitenauer was sent by the church for the summer of 2002 to participate in “Project Transformation” in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  The Youth Fellowship organized a Rock-a-thon that raised $1,100 to purchase the Spanish Bibles for the children attending Project Transformation that year.


In July of 2002, Salem United Methodist Church began a Reachout Project – “Carnival for Christ”, an annual summer fun and teaching event for the children of Mountain Village Mobile Home Park.  Youth and adults of Salem came together under the leadership of the Mission Committee to design and present games and activities that would be fun for the children and at the same time expose them to Bible stories and Christian principles.


In 2002, Ruth Houck and family, in loving memory of Arnold W. Houck, presented the Bible Stand for the altar.


In the fall of 2002, a Contemporary Praise and Worship Service was added once a month on the first Sunday evening of the month.  In fall of 2003, we expanded to two Sunday evening Praise and Worship Services per month.


Also in the fall of 2002, weekday morning small group studies were started.  The first was an offering of the evening Bible study for those who preferred a daytime study.   A “Dealing with Loss” support group was also started.  Evening study groups included “Igniting Ministries” as well as Bible study.


In 2003, in appreciation for the support that Salem had given him for his two summers of missionary work in Texas, Andrew Reitenauer presented an overhead projector to the church.


At their annual breakfast on Palm Sunday Morning, 2003, the men of the church welcomed Fred Hoffert, a United Methodist from Bethlehem, who has made several missionary trips to Russia.  Fred explained how strong the Russian church is and why it managed to survive through the years of communist government.


In May 2003, Rev. Feuerstein graduated from Moravian Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity.  At Annual Conference, she went through the first of two ordination services required to become a fully ordained  Elder in the United-Methodist Church. She is currently classified as a probationary Elder.


In 2003, an out reach program was started at the Lehigh Center Nursing Home.  Worship Services are held two Sunday afternoons per month.  The services include special music, scripture readings, hymns, communion and a message by Pastor Sherry.  The residents have gratefully received and participated in the Worship Services. 


This year also brought together the Children’s Bell Choir that was organized and directed by Ruth Houck and Diane Kick, which really strengthened, as it became part of God’s Kids Club. 


The format of the God’s Kids Club meetings was changed and “Tweensters” were added to include older children.  The format was changed to an informal dinner meeting in which the children had a meal and while they ate, a Christian topic was brought up for them to discuss.  The children seemed to readily participate and thoroughly enjoy the discussion because they were relaxed and eating at the time.  After they finished the meal, they did a craft, learned a new song and/or practiced playing the bells.


Also in 2003, Bud Hardman presented the church with a Karaoke machine, in memory of his father, ”Whitey” Hardman for use during worship services.  It will also be very useful for our outdoor programs providing an easily transportable amplifier and microphone.  Bud and Mary Hardman also presented the church with a computer that they had assembled specifically for the church.  It came in the nick of time as the church’s original computer had a fatal crash a few weeks after the new computer was installed.  


Sadly, in the fall of 2003, the large maple tree that had provided shade for many of the church functions on the south side of the church had to be removed because carpenter ants had hallowed out its trunk.  A young sugar maple tree was planted in its place.  To prevent injury, dead branches were removed from other trees in the church yard.


In the fall of 2003, the Trustees purchased a storage shed to provide storage space for furniture, decorations and other articles  that  are  not  needed  to  be  available  on a continuous basis.  In the winter and spring of 2004, several men of the church, Ed Feuerstein, Richard Flexer and Ray Miller, under the leadership of Willard Miller, built and installed shelves in the shed.


During a storm late in 2003, a tree was uprooted and it fell across the roof of the shed end of the horse barn, cutting the building in half between the windows, without breaking one pain of glass. 

Through the talents of Mark Bolton, a member of the Upper Milford Mennonite Church, the shed and horse barn were restored using the same carpentry methods used by the original carpenters.  The restoration was completed by the summer of 2004.


In January 2004, Rev. Sharon Feuerstein and six church members, Ken and Brenda Nicholson, Sue and Jared Lagler, Kathleen Richard and Edwin Feuerstein, Jr. attended their first meeting for Project 6:15.  Project 6:15 is a two-year program presented by the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference, Office of Church Development under the direction of Rev. Larry Leister.  Project 6:15 is a program to help churches redevelop the passion and drive that was present at the establishment of the church and helps the church to grow in ministry and commitment to serving God.


Pastor Sherry made sashes for the children of the bell choir to wear.  Each of the sashes had a logo printed on them by Jason Lindenmuth.


At their annual breakfast on Palm Sunday Morning, 2004, the men of the church welcomed Dwight Beachum, from Macungie, who has made several missionary trips to Hungary.  Dwight also explained how the Christian church managed to survive in Hungary through the years of communist government.  He showed a video of his last trip and some of the ways that God was changing lives of both the Hungarians and those going over to minister to them.


Frances Davies, following the death of her husband, Jerome (Jerry) Davies, presented a silk flower arrangement to the church in his memory.


When one of the members of the Project 6:15 Core Committee was unable to attend the cluster meeting in May, Ruth Houck agreed to substitute.  She has now joined the core group as a full member.


The Project 6:15 Core Group presented the church with 6 large print NRSV Bibles to help more people be able to participate in the scripture readings during worship.  These Bibles were consecrated during the August 8th, Worship Service.


Installation of new carpeting throughout the church began August 9, 2004 and was completed August 16, 2004. The late Gerald Jacoby made the new carpet possible through a generous donation to the church. 


On August 14, 2004, Salem United Methodist Church participated in Fleetwood Family Day, a project of the Fleetwood area churches.  It gave Salem the opportunity to witness to people outside our immediate area and tell them of our desire to serve the Lord in Zionsville and also in mission projects such as “Fair Trade Coffee, Tea and Cocoa, Pins for the Homeless and our “Carnival for Christ”.  The project was a lot of work, but turned out to be very rewarding, especially for the time we had to fellowship together.


On September 10, 2004, two diseased trees were removed, a hickory tree from the parking lot and a black walnut on the south west corner of the property, by the cemetery.


Our guest for the Rally Day Service on September 12, 2004, was Rev. Rod Shearer, our District Superintendent, who gave us a message in word and music.  Rev. Shearer had studied piano for many years and those attending felt he could have been a concert pianist.  Rev. Shearer has used his musical talents as part of his ministry. 


In late October or early November, construction will begin on a 32’ X 56’ outdoor pavilion to provide space for gatherings and numerous programs that were too big to hold in the limited space inside the main church building.  This pavilion will also be constructed through the benevolence of the late Gerald Jacoby.  Dedication of the both the carpet and pavilion will be made late this year, following the completion of the pavilion, so that they may be dedicated at the same time.


An Item of Interest


One year, in June, representatives from the churches in the Zionsville Community met to discuss what could be done about the hazardous road conditions on Chestnut Street (Routes 29 & 100) between Shimerville and Hereford.  Citizens were concerned about the numerous accidents, causing injury and death on that stretch of the highway.  Petitions were circulated and recommendations to alleviate the problem were put in writing and sent to PennDot and our local congressman for review and possible changes.  A special township meeting was ordered to see what could be done.  Input from the public was requested.


Church Organists Since 1984


                                  Years                           Organist

                                                                 Pearl Kemmerer

                                                                   Arlene Devault

                                                                    John R. Miller

                                  1998 -                         Ruth Houck




List of Pastors and Members on Roll



Year                 Pastor’s Name                    Church         School

1984                          Robert E. Stauffer                                                

1985                          William Chrin                                                      105

1986                          William Chrin                                                      106

1987                          William Chrin                                                      120

1988                          William Chrin                                                       95

1989                          Roger S. Joseph                                                 68

1990                          Roger S. Joseph                                                 61

1990              Supply Pastors after Death of Rev. Joseph

1991                          Louise Thatcher                                                  59

1992                          Evelyn Stupp                                                       64

1993                          Evelyn Stupp                                                       68

1994                          Evelyn Stupp                                182                 58

1995                          Evelyn Stupp                                177                 61

1996                          Robert E. Stauffer &                                           63

                       Ted McCabe, D.S.

                       Supply Pastors – Elwood

                       Heiser  & Daniel Adams              

1997                          Scott A. Donaldson &                                         65

                       Supply Pastors:

                       Jennifer Gran & Judy Kahler

1998              Henry Burden                              111                 70

1999              Henry Burden (Heart Surgery)

                       and Keith Bashore                      110                 72

2000                           James Brashear,

                 Sharon Feuerstein

                       & Ralph Stevenson                     110                 64

2001              James Brashear,

                       Sharon Feuerstein

                       & Ralph Stevenson                      98                  59

2002                         Sharon Feuerstein                       104                 60

2003                         Sharon Feuerstein                       102                 66

2004                         Sharon Feuerstein






Honorariums and Memorials


The following loving and generous honorariums and memorials defrayed the cost of printing this History


In Loving Memory of Frank and Annie Lagler

By Lewis L. and Jeanette S. Lagler


In Loving Memory of Clarence Hallman, Rosa Minner, Harvey & Naomi Lesher, Ruba Minner and Arnold Houck

By Ruth Houck


In Loving Memory of Kenneth K. Leopold, sadly missed so very much

By your wife Dorothy M. Leopold


In Loving Memory of W. Stanley and Esther Kline and other deceased members of their family

By Thomas and Audrey Kline


In Loving Memory of Vera and Lewis Lagler

By the Ackerman and Lagler Families


In Loving Memory of sisters Estella Howell and Marion Keller and parents Howard and Jennie Houseknecht

By Lillie Houseknecht


In Honor of Clara Mohr’s 83rd birthday on September 21, 2004

By Ray Mohr


In Loving Memory of Sallie and Clarence Mohr

By Ray Mohr


In Loving Memory of Ernest Spencer, Doris Spencer Schultz and Jamie Snyder

By Bessie Spencer


In Loving Memory of Otto S. Miller

By Beulah Miller and the Fritz and Miller Families


In Loving Memory of our Grandparents, Henry Rhoads Schultz and Bertha Schultz

By Janet and Chuck Butera, Carole Felintin and Donna Burns


In Loving Memory of My Parents, George and Gertrude Schultz and Uncles Paul and Robert Schultz

By Janet Schultz Butera and husband, Chuck Butera


In Loving Memory of Our Parents, Robert and Mary Schultz and Uncles Paul and George Schultz

By Carole Felintin and Donna Burns


In Loving Memory of Earl and Marian Houseknecht, Joyce Houseknecht Hoffman, Roland Houseknecht and Mary Miller Kolesar

By Ted and June Houseknecht


In Loving Memory of our parents, Rev. Sterling and Cleo Fake

By Gerald and Carol Fake and Family


In Loving Memory of Geraldine Miller, James A. and Idella Miller and Jennie M. Cassler

By Raymond Miller


In Loving Memory of Linwood Miller Kline

By Evelyn M. Kline


In Loving Memory of Raymond A. Gehris

By Edna Gehris and Donna Fenstermacher


In Loving Memory of Dayton M. Ritter, Sr.

By Rebecca Ritter and sons Dayton M. Ritter, Jr., James M. Ritter and Families.


In Loving Memory of my wife Sara Berniece Miller and my parents, Gerald S. and Clara E. Miller

By Kenneth A. Miller


In Loving Memory of our beloved mother and grandmother, Verna M. Miller

By Phyllis Young and Charlotte Moser


In Loving Memory of Frank and Hilda Zacharda

By Richard and Mildred Zacharda


In Honor of the Confirmation of all of our children at Salem United Methodist Church, Rev. Larry Leister, Sandra Leister Delong, Patrice Leister Henry and Jewel Leister Mack

By Grace and Clarence M. Leister, Jr.


In Loving Memory of Irvin J. and Florence H. Snyder

By Thomas and Janice Snyder and Family


In Loving Memory of Minnie I Busher, March 8, 1915 to November 17, 2003, Our Undying Love

By Her Family


In Loving Memory of our dear mother and grandmother Kathryn B. Mack and father Paul E. Mack

By Laura, Gary and Lisa Gaugler, Diane, Jack and Michele Kline and Cindy Mosier


In Loving memory of Charles and Elizabeth Kline, John and Belva Gehris and wife Mae I Kline

By Richard E. Kline


In Loving Memory of our grandparents, Minnie Mack and Ralph Mack, Sr.

By Laura Gaugler and Diane Kline


In Loving Memory of Aurel M. Arndt

By Alice, Aurel and Family and Nadine and Family


In Loving Memory of William and Ruth (Kline) Heil

By daughter Patricia and her husband Clinton Flexer and grandchildren David, Diane, Todd and Wendy and great grandchildren.


In Loving Memory of my grandparents Charles and Elizabeth (Seip) Kline and their family

By Patricia (Heil) Flexer


In Loving Memory of our parents Frank and Hilda Zacharda

By Joseph and Barbara (Zacharda) Hallman


In Loving Memory of Carl R. and Betty Shoemaker

By Richard, Ronald, Sue and Rose Shoemaker and families


In Loving Memory of Dallas W. Graber, Alvenia S. Graber and Dallas S. Graber

By Ralph S. and T. Lorraine Graber


In Loving Memory of Carrie E. Stahl

By Bob and Ruth Bieler


In Loving Memory of parents, Irvin and Florence Snyder

By the Jim Snyder Family


In Loving Memory of our parents, Jesse and Lillie Stauffer and sister Blanche

By Russell, Alice, Merle, Norma and Miriam and Families


In Honor of Rev. Robert E and Faye Stauffer, for their many years of faithful, loving pastoral care to the people of Salem United Methodist Church and remaining steadfast life long loving friends

By the Historians and Friends at Salem United Methodist Church


In Loving Memory of Blanche Stauffer (sister and aunt)

By Merle and Richard Leh and their children and grandchildren.


In Loving Memory and Appreciation of those members who served at Salem United Methodist Church and who have gone to be with their Lord

By the Members of Salem United Methodist Church




On this our 175th Anniversary, Salem United Methodist Church wants to honor and thank all men and women who served during war or peacetime in defense of the religious freedom that we are so richly blessed to enjoy in the United States of America.



On May 1, 2004, the children of the church, as well as several youth and adults held a Read-a-thon.  The participants read 93 books and raised over $400 which they used to purchase books for the children’s library of the church.  During the Anniversary celebration on Heritage Sunday, September 19, 2004, the children presented the church with over 120 books.








The artwork on the cover is taken from the 1984 book and was drawn by Jeff Lindenmuth.  Note the two doors on the front of the original church building, one was for men and boys and the other was for women and girls.  This era of our church is reproduced on our 175th Anniversary commemorative shelf sitter.