Kids of Honor/Discovery CLub

Do you know that your child's moral foundations are in place by the time they reach age nine. Their response to the meaning and personal value of life in Christ is determined before they are 18. Their spiritual beliefs are irrevocably formed when they are pre-teens.

We are adding to our children's club which is for children between Preschool and Grade 6, the discovery club. This is a place where kids: learn Christian Values, grow spiritually, study God's word so they can use it in their everyday decisions, and have lots of fun. Each week we will sing, have Bible Study, earn Bible awards, learn God's word, participate in skits, earn skill awards, and play games.



For confirmation

Starting in September, Pastor will be offering a confirmation class for all 6th grade and above who have not been confirmed. This wll run from September - Pentecost Sunday.



Looking Ahead The following events are being planned:

Christmas events - Angel Workshop
Angel Breakfast
Christmas Program